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[Google Analytics] Track to Two Profiles the Async Way


The new asynchronous tracking in Google Analytics requires new code as well. If you need to track more than one profile, this is how you do it.

Google Analytics Tracking to Multiple Profiles


Sometimes you need to use many Analytics site profiles to track the same information, for any reason. One instance is using tools like SEO Position Plus which may require a profile of its own. Here's one way to do it with the new tracking code (not the legacy tracking, for that see this thread). <script […]

Time Tracking on OS X - Options for Online/Offline, Panther/Tiger


This article lists about a dozen applications for time tracking (online / OS X 10.3 / OS X 10.4). I am looking for a Khronos replacement to track my time. Khronos has been working fine, but it inserts each session as its own entry which requires for me to type down what that entry was […]