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Transmission - BitTorrent Client for OS X


Tried BitTorrent, Tomato Torrent and Transmission. I chose Transmission because it was lighter than BitTorrent and supported drag-n-drops of web page links which Tomato didn't do. Azureus was out of the picture because I didn't feel like installing a resource hog Java app. Didn't try BitRocket. (I got the BT client because I've been bumping […]

Time Tracking on OS X - Options for Online/Offline, Panther/Tiger


This article lists about a dozen applications for time tracking (online / OS X 10.3 / OS X 10.4). I am looking for a Khronos replacement to track my time. Khronos has been working fine, but it inserts each session as its own entry which requires for me to type down what that entry was […]