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How To Fix Message Listing


Here's a standard view on (OS X 10.5). If the selected message on your message listing (showing header info, number 1 in the image) does not show up in the actual message box below (number 2), but instead shows an another message, your index may have gone bad. Worry not. To fix the […]

Multiple Sender Addresses in One Account


Enter multiple addresses in the Email Address field of your Account Information dialog, separated by comma. Works flawlessly. This has been bothering me for years. I didn't know how to do this until Justin showed how!

OS X Mail: Always Bcc Specific Address


In Terminal, write defaults write UserHeaders '{"Bcc" = ""; }' You can write other headers as well: defaults write UserHeaders '{"Reply-To" = ""; "Bcc" = ""; }' To get defaults back: defaults delete UserHeaders This, as many other useful hints, came from macosxhints.

How To Create Subfolders in


In order to create a subfolder (and a folder that holds those subfolders), use slash (/) character in the folder name. Entering "Thesis/Virtuous Leadership" as the name of the new folder creates folder "Thesis" at root of the account, and folder "Virtuous Leadership" within the "Thesis" folder. Following subfolders can be created normally by right-clicking […]