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CSS :hover on Touch Screens


Use: Spec not finalized, but so far so good. Source:

Bootstrap 3 text-align (left/right) for xs, sm, md, lg screen sizes


/** * Text alignment for screen sizes */ @media (max-width:767px){ .xs-text-right { text-align: right; } .xs-text-left { text-align: left; } } @media (min-width:768px){ .sm-text-right { text-align: right; } .sm-text-left { text-align: left; } } @media (min-width:992px){ .md-text-right { text-align: right; } .md-text-left { text-align: left; } } @media (min-width:1200px){ .lg-text-right { text-align: right; } .lg-text-left […]

CSS: Last of specific class, not child of parent


As per discussion in Stackoverflow, at the moment CSS's last-of-type selector is the best way to access last element, but apparently that does not apply to class, but the element. And even so, when trying to create A | B | C NOT, this does not work. <div> <span class="separated">A</span> <span class="separated">B</span> <span class="separated">C</span> <span class="not">NOT</span> […]

Show Popular Posts on WordPress like Tim Ferriss


Tim's blog uses DOMTab for tabbing the top lists of popular posts. Tabs are populated with WordPress Popular Posts plugin and some manual lists as well. Remember to allow shortcodes in sidebar. Then add a text widget with something like: <div class="domtab"> <ul class="domtabs"> <li class="active"><a class="domtab1" href="#t1" style="cursor:pointer;">Current hits</a></li> <li><a class="domtab2" href="#t2" style="cursor:pointer;">All time</a></li> <li><a […]

WP Minify


Note to self. When building WP sites with several js/css files, remember to include WP Minify with the regular plugins.