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Monthly Archives: January 2010

JavaScript to Footer in WordPress


Want to move that jQuery and other js references from header to footer? Try JavaScript to Footer plugin.

Cookie-free JS, CSS, etc for WordPress


These 3 steps will help you to set up cookie free JavaScript, CSS and other files for your WordPress installation. (This is especially helpful for changing the domain of certain JS/CSS file references added by plugins.) Before you start, make sure your blog URL has a leading www (e.g., not in your WordPress […]

Cell Reference to Excel Header / Footer [Only VBA will do]


The only way: use a VBA macro. E.g. ActiveSheet.PageSetup.LeftFooter = "Check: " &  Sheets(SETTINGS_SHEET_NAME).Range("F4").Value

Line Break in Excel Header / Footer via Macro


Using VBA, add line break to header or footer with Chr(13). E.g. ActiveSheet.PageSetup.LeftFooter = "Foo bar" & Chr(13) & "Another line"

WP Minify


Note to self. When building WP sites with several js/css files, remember to include WP Minify with the regular plugins.