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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Google Analytics Tracking to Multiple Profiles


Sometimes you need to use many Analytics site profiles to track the same information, for any reason. One instance is using tools like SEO Position Plus which may require a profile of its own. Here's one way to do it with the new tracking code (not the legacy tracking, for that see this thread). <script […]

[[add heading, something witty about Google]]


Google's contact form. Good times..

Speed up your WordPress blog download times


These two steps took 42% off the download size of this blog's front page. Download and activate GZIP Output WP plugin. Add these settings to your .htaccess. [Update 2009-06-17] Problems with caching php output. Comments did not appear for some users. New .htaccess settings: # MOD_DEFLATE COMPRESSION SetOutputFilter DEFLATE # Turn on Expires and set […]