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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Automatic cPanel Backup via Curl&Cron v1.1


[UPDATE2 2012-03-14] Use Automatic Dropbox backup instead. [2008-06-23] UPDATE: Please see the updated version. A few months back I posted a shell script for backing up your cPanel account automatically using cron and curl. I updated the file a bit, and now it creates files with monthly names (for me, at least).

CSS? Reset! Reset!


A thought: If you're designing web sites, maybe you ought to use reset stylesheets. Reset stylesheets? Read about it at WPDFP.

Fix for WPAU failed at step 2 error


I recently got an error using (otherwise excellent) WP plugin WordPress Automatic Upgrade: “Database files could not be backed up. Failed at Step 2.” Luckily, there was a fix.