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Monthly Archives: April 2008

TextEdit - You Hate It Or You Hate It With Passion


OS X's very own TextEdit. I thought it would prove (some day) to be a valuable program. But no. Years went by and nothing changed. It's as crap as it was when I first used it. The final bit was when I copy pasted something from two places into one TextEdit document. Two texts were […]

Shortcut to "Paste: Unformatted text" In Word


I hate copying something, say, from web, and trying to paste it in Word (or TextEdit, shudders.. more of that later). Web text always comes with weird web formatting. And I wanted just text. To get the text, and not the formatting, I have to click through Edit -> Paste Special -> Unformatted text -> […]

Cron & Leopard: Leopard Killed Cron, Use Lingon Instead of Cronnix


I've been a happy user of both OS X 10.5 Leopard, and cron (via Cronnix). Up until now. The console said, each time the cron was supposed to be initiated: 14.4.2008 14.4. 22:45:00[1] (0x10e220.cron[41090]) Could not setup Mach task special port 9: (os/kern) no access Apparently, in Leopard cron is being replaced with launchd, […]

cPanel Email Forward to Several Addresses


I'm not sure in how many different uses this has, but cPanel allows email forwarding to several addresses (by using several forwards, from address A to address B, A to C, A to D, ...). For instance, I created an email address that forwards to my wife's inbox and to that of my own. 

WordPress Plugin: Blog Introduction


I needed an introductory text on a blog's front page. I also needed this text to be easy to edit. I couldn't find a suitable plugin so I made one.  Blog Introduction displays heading and contents of page with permalink ‘blog-introduction’ on the home page (front page) right before the posts. Hide the ‘blog-introduction’ page by making […]