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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Clean Up Your Documents Folder


Tired of getting your Documents folder full of Application specific stuff (that should be placed elsewhere)? You've deleted the folders but they just keep coming back? Don't worry, there's another way. Pick your fight: AdobeStockPhotos Open Adobe Bridge and change the location of this folder in Preferences. (You might need to delete this folder in […]

Move Any Given Folder Away From Documents


Earlier I posted a tip how to clean up your Documents folder by moving Microsoft User Data elsewhere. This tip is more generic . This tip is taken from "Sir Novian's Blog" but as it doesn't really function that well (I had to access it via Google cache), I'll just paste the whole thing here […]

How To Fix Message Listing


Here's a standard view on (OS X 10.5). If the selected message on your message listing (showing header info, number 1 in the image) does not show up in the actual message box below (number 2), but instead shows an another message, your index may have gone bad. Worry not. To fix the […]

Screen Sharing via SSH With A Single Click


This tip uses AppleScript and shell script to create an AppleScript application that launches an ssh secured Screen Sharing (VNC client/server, introduced in OS X 10.5) to your remote machine. First, make sure you have Screen Sharing enabled (System Preferences -> Sharing -> Screen Sharing). Second, make sure you can use passwordless ssh login. Third, […]