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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Transmission - BitTorrent Client for OS X


Tried BitTorrent, Tomato Torrent and Transmission. I chose Transmission because it was lighter than BitTorrent and supported drag-n-drops of web page links which Tomato didn't do. Azureus was out of the picture because I didn't feel like installing a resource hog Java app. Didn't try BitRocket. (I got the BT client because I've been bumping […]

Time Machine Error (Fixed)


I too got the (now notorious) "Time Machine Error - Unable to complete backup" error message. But happily, I got it fixed. I don't know which of the following steps did the trick, but so far the Time Machine (TM) seems to working. (NB. I haven't tried restoring the backup.) System: Mac Mini (internal HD […]

Office Folder Away From Documents


On OS X, Microsoft Office creates its very own folder, called "Microsoft User Data", in your Documents folder. To get rid of it, try moving it to ~/Library/Preferences/. That worked for me. This had been annoying me for years. Solution was found from well, actually one comment linked to which had the working […]

Link Big Image in MaxiGallery (ModX)


Use <a href="[+maxigallery.path_to_gal+]big_[+maxigallery.picture.filename+]">Download full res version</a> to refer to the big version of the MaxiGallery image in any of MaxiGallery templates. For instance, if you are using Lightbox (lightboxv2) the code in file assets/snippets/maxigallery/templates/gallerypicturetpl.html is originally <a href="[(base_url)][+maxigallery.path_to_gal+][+maxigallery.picture.filename+]" rel="lightbox[maxigallery]" title="[+maxigallery.picture.title:htmlent+] - [+maxigallery.picture.descr:htmlent+]"> In the lightbox window, show link to the big image by adding <br […]

Multiple Sender Addresses in One Account


Enter multiple addresses in the Email Address field of your Account Information dialog, separated by comma. Works flawlessly. This has been bothering me for years. I didn't know how to do this until Justin showed how!