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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Pointer Background Breadcrumbs


After reading Particletree's article Rediscovering the Button Element I knew there would be projects where I could use this newly rediscovered button. And so there was. It was fun to apply this well-thought technique. But the real fun came along when I needed to adjust my breadcrumbs to fit the appearance of the buttons. This […]

Standards Compliant CSS Linkbox


I got really excited the first time I saw Ryan Trash's Simple Rounded Corner CSS Boxes. I decided to apply the technique to make a box that would be a link. See the linkbox in action. HTML for a box follows: <div class="linkbox"> <a class="linkbox" href=""> <span class="linkbox_head"> <span class="linkbox_heading"> <span>CSS<br />Linkbox</span> </span> </span><span class="linkbox_body"> […]