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Monthly Archives: June 2007

SquirrelMail Error: Invalid mailbox name


A pastor of our international church in Espoo said that SquirrelMail wasn't working anymore. The frame where the folders used to be, now said ERROR: ERROR: Could not complete request. Query: CREATE "Sent Messages" Reason Given: Invalid mailbox name. The fix involves two easy steps, the latter being voluntary. Rename .sqmaildata folder (in your file […]

UTF-8 Special Character Problems With MySQL


Short version: Always use a query SET NAMES <charset> for instance, I used SET NAMES utf8 before accessing the database. Preferably add it right after connecting to the database. Long version: For a several months I've been fighting with character sets. For some reason querying a UTF-8 MySQL database gave me different results than showing […]

How To Create Subfolders in


In order to create a subfolder (and a folder that holds those subfolders), use slash (/) character in the folder name. Entering "Thesis/Virtuous Leadership" as the name of the new folder creates folder "Thesis" at root of the account, and folder "Virtuous Leadership" within the "Thesis" folder. Following subfolders can be created normally by right-clicking […]