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Category Archives: Windows XP

[Outlook] Remove Attachments (Bulk/Batch): Use VBA


Had to remove attachments from a bunch of emails. This VBA code did the trick (although it does not know how to handle attached emails, i.e. emails that have another email attached). (Remembe to create a reference to the Microsoft Scripting Runtime library: in VBA choose Tools -> References and check its checkbox.) Option Explicit […]

1Password & Windows: Access Using Dropbox


HOW TO access 1Password passwords on Windows? (I had no idea it was this easy.) This tip uses Dropbox, a multi-platform file syncing app. The only problem is that the access is read-only. But it's better than nothing. In 1Password (on your mac), select the Agile Keychain to be saved in your dropbox folder (I […]

Delay Outgoing Mail in Outlook


Delay the messages you send from Microsoft Outlook at Cnet.

xlsx, docx (office 2007) to xls, doc (2003)


Download converter straight from Microsoft. Or use or [via NoHeat]

TextExpander (OS X) replacement for Windows: Texter


I've used to being more productive with TextExpander. That's for OS X only, though. But Lifehacker provides an alternative. Try Texter. [2008-12-12] Update: I also had AutoHotKey installed. Did not work anymore with Texter. Sigh.. Wish I could get a mac for my work..