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An Adult, Who? (Be Clear, Be Specific)


Buying plane tickets for adults and children. But starting from 12 years, what category does a person belong to? vs. When your industry's conception of a word is different from general usage, be specific and open about it.

CSS :hover on Touch Screens


Use: Spec not finalized, but so far so good. Source:

Jasmine unit tests throwing "Possibly unhandled rejection" with Angular 1.6?


Each $q.reject() throws an error if not being chained properly. First check that all calls have a .catch(). Second, if possible, isolate your error cases to an independent describe block. Example below using bardjs, but the idea should be clear enough. let stuffDataservice; const stuff = [{}]; beforeEach(function() { [...] stuffDataservice = { getStuff: function […]

ESLint disable rule for the whole file: /* eslint-disable */


While rules can be disabled for a line with // eslint-disable-line [rule-name] the whole file disabling needs block comments: /* eslint-disable [rule-name] */

Direct Link to HTML Gmail


Directo link to the basic low-fi HTML version of Gmail is