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Category Archives: OS X

1Password & Windows: Access Using Dropbox


HOW TO access 1Password passwords on Windows? (I had no idea it was this easy.) This tip uses Dropbox, a multi-platform file syncing app. The only problem is that the access is read-only. But it's better than nothing. In 1Password (on your mac), select the Agile Keychain to be saved in your dropbox folder (I […]

Extract Music from Audio CD (to MP3)


I had to extract audio from an audio CD to MP3 format. It took quite a while to find a free program that does this (or at least comes pretty close). Mpeg Streamclip by Squared 5.  Steps: Copy DAT files from the audio cd to your hard drive. Rename DAT files to MPG. (I'm not […]

Easy iCal and gCal Syncing


After Google Calendar added CalDAV support I thought I could finally sync my calendars accross my computers and mobile phones. Only problem: this way events were read-only on my phones. Besides it was PITA to set up.  I had tried Spanning Sync earlier but didn't want to spend the $25 for a one-year licence. So […]

Clear Memory Cards from OS X File System Junk


I bought a digital photo frame, but the frame insisted that every now and then it encountered "wrong file content". It appears that OS X fills memory card with hidden files: .Trashes directory, .fseventsd directory and ._.filenamehere files. Note to self: next time problems arise with OS X and memory cards, check contents with shell.

Delayed Sleep With AppleScript


I've been complaining about not being able to put the mac to sleep with a mouse. Well, Lauri came up with a solution. According to his concept (great work!) I created this AppleScript, which puts your mac to sleep after 10 seconds (unless you cancel it): # time in seconds to delay before sleep set […]