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Category Archives: OS X

Google Calendar and iCal: Cannot Delete or Modify Recurring Event


Getting "HTTP/1.1 409 Sequence number cannot be less than current value" error? Try deleting the whole calendar in iCal and adding it again. via Issue 64 - google-caldav-issues - Cannot update recurring Events ->Response: 500 server error code 35df1847 - A place to track issues for Google Calendar's CalDAV server. - Google Project Hosting.

From Burn Folder to USB Memory Stick [OS X]


Following AppleScript replaces alias' (in a burn folder or so) with actual files. This comes in handy if you don't want to burn that folder to a CD/DVD but instead have it with you on a USB stick or an external drive. --SCRIPT on run --main((choose folder with multiple selections allowed) as list) main((choose folder) […]

Create Favicon (Multiresolution) on OS X


IcoMaker, it works. "On the mac, this is a snap, thanks to Takeshi Ogihara’s IcoMaker. Head over to his page (assuming it’s a he), and look for the link at the bottom of the page, something like: “IcoMaker Distribution Package, 84KB”." via steve cooley presents » Blog Archive » HOWTO: create a favicon.ico on Mac […]

Hide MobileMe Icon in Mac OS X


"Hold down the Apple key — also called the Command key or the propeller — then click on the MobileMe icon in the menubar and drag it off the menubar. You should see the icon change to semi-transparent as you drag it off the menu bar, then disappear in the puff of smoke when you […]

Remove Dashboard [OS X]


Remove that resource hog dashboard via Terminal: Disable it: defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES Relaunch Dock to see the change: killall Dock Want the dashboard back? Enable it: defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean NO