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Easy iCal and gCal Syncing

After Google Calendar added CalDAV support I thought I could finally sync my calendars accross my computers and mobile phones. Only problem: this way events were read-only on my phones. Besides it was PITA to set up. 

I had tried Spanning Sync earlier but didn't want to spend the $25 for a one-year licence. So I gave Calgoo a try. It was hard to use and way too slow. At this point I gave up and bought a licence for Spanning Sync.

It simply worked and, as a bonus, syncs my Address Book as well, which is a real time saver.

After being a happy Spanning Sync user for a while, I found BusySync. Apparently these are the two alternatives for easy and reliable syncing but there's no consensus which is better. However, after getting used to automatic contact syncing, I couldn't think of using BusySync even though it seems to have more features/options.

I suggest trying out both. If you end up being a Spanninc Sync user, like me, this link will give you a $5 discount for the licence.