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Importing Muxed MPEG-2 to iMovie

I was asked to put together a video collage out of few videos for a wedding. However, the videos were muxed MPEG-2 files and as Apple says: "When using any version of iMovie, please note that you cannot import muxed (multiplexed) MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video clips into projects". Thus, some pre-processing was required.

I managed to demux the videos with ffmpegx (as well as with MPEG2 Works 4), but they only took the video and audio apart (duh) and that's no fun when working under tight schedule. Plus I couldn't get the separate media together again.

Enter MPEG Streamclip. It converts videos to quite a few different formats, including DV which works nicely with iMovie. As a bonus, it had a batch list feature that took care of all the files with a few mouse clicks.

(It took me several hours to find a way to process the files for iMovie - I even tried reverting to (sigh) Windows Movie Maker and some other Windows tools with no avail - and about an hour to create the collage. Such is life.)