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Got Dropbox. It's great!

However, I'd like to be able to:

  • Create a link to Dropbox folder in my file system. At the moment creating a link in Dropbox folder will result in syncing the link, not the folder
  • Hide the icon from menu bar
  • Rename Photos folder (say, to have it under a different name in finder side bar). Renaming the folder will make it a non-photo folder.
  • Change location for shared folders (e.g. John has is under folder foo, while after sharing it, Mary would like to have it under folder bar because she has different naming conventions)
  • Share photo folders while browsing them in Photos section of the web interface. Say, putting the little gray triangle next to the name that would show a contextual menu. This would be consistent with the file browser which imitates right-clicking with this arrow - I'd say this "right-clicking" should be possible everywhere.
  • Have shorter photo gallery names when shared on web. Something like


  1. lauri wrote:

    I know, you have been thinking of a way, to put the mac to sleep after some seconds of delay. I figured out one way to do it. Here it is.

    First download this automator script

    Then install it.

    Next, open Automator and create a workflow by dragging the Pause action from the Automator library followed by the newly added Sleep from the System library.

    Add 10 secs to the pause and then save the command as an application. I call it "sandman".

    Now when you double-click the app icon, you will have ten seconds, before the computer goes to sleep.

    Hope u understood, and enjoy!


    Posted on 19-Jul-08 at 9:19 pm | Permalink
  2. That's brilliant! I created an AppleScript that does just that. Thanks, man!

    Posted on 21-Jul-08 at 12:23 pm | Permalink