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Clean Up Your Documents Folder

Tired of getting your Documents folder full of Application specific stuff (that should be placed elsewhere)? You've deleted the folders but they just keep coming back? Don't worry, there's another way.

Pick your fight:

  • AdobeStockPhotos
    Open Adobe Bridge and change the location of this folder in Preferences. (You might need to delete this folder in your Documents folder once more.)
  • Microsoft User Data
    Move the folder to ~/Library/Preferences/. Didn't work for you? Read the whole tip.
  • Updater
    Open any Adobe product, open Updates via Help menu. Wait for the checkup to complete. Access Preferences and change the Updater folder location.
  • Other folders?
    It gets a bit complicated but you can do it! You need Developer Tools (from your OS X installation disk) and a quick visit in Terminal. Read the whole tip.

If you know more elegant tips than the last one for getting rid of some other, annoying folders, let me know. Thanks!