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Auto-Backup WordPress to Dropbox (Both Files+Database)

Need to perform automatic backups, periodically, to your Dropbox?

I've tried two plugins that do this, and both worked on two different WP installation on different servers.

First, WordPress Backup to Dropbox pushes your entire WordPress site to your Dropbox, file by file. Database is also included. Interface is clean and authorization uses OAuth, so your Dropbox credentials are safe.

Second, EZPZ One Click Backup makes a nice zip file out of your WordPress site and boasts of a one-click restoration. I haven't tried the restoration, but backup works. Compared to WordPress Backup to Dropbox, EZPZ One Click Backup was really fast transferring the backup, probably because it had only one file to move.

All in all, both worked. EZPZ was fast and saved some space because of packing the site, but I ended up choosing the WP Backup to Dropbox anyways, because EZPZ gave suspicious error messages in the process and it didn't support OAuth.

Give them both a go, and see for yourself which one works for you.

Oh, and if you need a Dropbox accout, this link will give you 250MB extra for that 2GB free account they offer.