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Time Machine Error (Fixed)

I too got the (now notorious) "Time Machine Error - Unable to complete backup" error message. But happily, I got it fixed. I don't know which of the following steps did the trick, but so far the Time Machine (TM) seems to working. (NB. I haven't tried restoring the backup.)

System: Mac Mini (internal HD is a goner), system on a 500 GB Lacie Brick (USB), TM on a 750GB iomega ext. HD (FireWire).

Steps I took:

  • updated to OS X 10.5.1 (this wasn't enough, though)
  • renamed TH HD so that the name didn't use any spaces
  • erased the TM HD (using GUID partition as I'm using the HD on an Intel Mac Mini)
  • unplugged the system HD from my USB hub and connected it to mini
  • excluded Applications, Library, System, mini_Users folders from root and Music folder (over 30GB, wanted to make TM work a bit faster) from one user

And TM worked. I then removed all the folders (exept mini_Users as its backup still was painfully slow) from the TM exclude list, one by one, running TM backup in between. Still worked.

(What is the mini_Users folder? It was restored from the backup of my Mini's internal HD, it's Users folder to be more precise. For some reason (maybe because it has the permissions and modes according to the previous system installation) backing up that folder is really slow.)

But as stated, I haven't tried restoring the backup, which is pretty important part of a working backup system. However, I've ordered a new external HD to replace the Brick (fan noise is unbearable), so I'll get to try the restoring in a few days.

[EDIT: Restoring worked flawlessly.]