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1Password & Windows: Access Using Dropbox

HOW TO access 1Password passwords on Windows?

(I had no idea it was this easy.)

This tip uses Dropbox, a multi-platform file syncing app. The only problem is that the access is read-only. But it's better than nothing.

In 1Password (on your mac), select the Agile Keychain to be saved in your dropbox folder (I created a new one, "1Password").

Then in your Windows machine, find this folder.


Open the 1Password.html file and there you have it.


An access to your saved passwords. Just enter the password and you're good to go. Well, almost. The UI ain't perfect, apparently designed to work in OS X while forgetting Windows users. But you get to the data (which is the thing that counts, right?).

Don't have Dropbox? Get it. It's free (and well worth it)!