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Time Tracking on OS X - Options for Online/Offline, Panther/Tiger

This article lists about a dozen applications for time tracking (online / OS X 10.3 / OS X 10.4).

I am looking for a Khronos replacement to track my time. Khronos has been working fine, but it inserts each session as its own entry which requires for me to type down what that entry was about. I need an option to create a project and tasks within it, and track how much time I spend on each task.

Online tools were not an option because I sometimes work offline:

I've got an OS X 10.3, so these 10.4 apps were out of reach (too bad, some of them looked pretty good):

Compatible with 10.3:

  • Time Tracker ($0) (crashed after launching)
  • OfficeTime ($39,95) (tracked sessions, not tasks)
  • Time Track ($24,95) (first screen was awful, should've taken a look at the screen shots on their home page - too complicated = too slow)
  • On The Job ($24,95)
  • ProjectSidekick ($14,95) (too complicated = too slow)

As On The Job ended up being the only application that was fast to use, I'm going to give it a go. It's lacking menu bar interaction (that I loved in Khronos), but we'll see if that's an issue or not.

As well as most of these links, Sean Corfields blog entry on time tracking (among its comments) included a link to David Seah's Emergent Task Planner. I'll probably give that a go as well, just to plan the day, which I should do beforehand (I often realize I've gone 6 hours without food so I especially like the lunch box in David's PDF file.)

[EDIT: On The Job deletes tasks without confirmation and does not provide an undo option. That's pretty severe problem. Other than that, (Confirmation can be set in preferences) On The Job is working ok. Missing menu bar button(s) were not too much of an issue.]