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Cron & Leopard: Leopard Killed Cron, Use Lingon Instead of Cronnix

I've been a happy user of both OS X 10.5 Leopard, and cron (via Cronnix). Up until now.

The console said, each time the cron was supposed to be initiated:

14.4.2008 14.4. 22:45:00[1] (0x10e220.cron[41090]) Could not setup Mach task special port 9: (os/kern) no access

Apparently, in Leopard cron is being replaced with launchd, or something to that extent. I really don't know... all I know is that my cron job didn't work.

Anyways, Lingon seems to be to launchd what Cronnix was to cron (in case you encounter similar problems as I did).